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We handle all the details for the registration of your domain. Com.BR.. NET and other extensions - The DomíniosBR can proceed with the registration of these domains including interested individuals and foreign entities by delegation. To reserve your domain. COM. BR. NET infomações fill in the box below and we will send details of availability and prices:
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What is a Domain?
Domain is a name that serves to mark his company's presence on the Internet. The domain name was designed in order to facilitate the memorization of the addresses of computers on the Internet. Without it, we would have to memorize a large sequence of numbers, the most popular domain extensions are:

By the rules of the Steering Committee for domains us, for the registration of a domain is accomplished, it takes at least two DNS servers connected to the Internet and now configured for the domain being requested, the dns can use without dns hosting or use the included DomíniosBR's hosting of the site.


About DNS servers:
May acquire the DNS servers DomíniosBR, we have a plan available for sites low volume, R$ 230,00 annual use of up to 100Mb of space, 10 email, do not accept pornography, spam, abuse, service utilization, piracy and bad sites meaning. We maintain a policy of good neighborhood.

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